117. Provisions supplementing sections 115 and 116

(1) A charging order may be made either absolutely or subject to conditions as to notifying the debtor or as to the time when the charge is to become enforceable, or as to other matters.
(2) The Real Property Regulations 2015 shall apply in relation to charging orders as they apply in relation to other orders or writs issued or made for the purpose of enforcing judgments.
(3) Subject to the provisions of this Part 6, a charge imposed by charging order shall have the like effect and shall be enforceable in the same Courts and in the same manner as an equitable charge created by the debtor by writing under his hand.
(4) Subsections (6) to (8) apply where —
(a) a debtor is required to pay a sum of money in instalments under a judgment or order of the Courts (an "instalments order"); and
(b) a charge has been imposed by a charging order in respect of that sum.
(5) In subsections (6) to (8), references to the enforcement of a charge are to the making of an order for the enforcement of the charge.
(6) The charge may not be enforced unless there has been default in payment of an instalment under the instalments order.
(7) Court procedure rules may —
(a) provide that, if there has been default in payment of an instalment, the charge may be enforced only in prescribed cases; and
(b) limit the amounts for which, and the times at which, the charge may be enforced.
(8) Except so far as otherwise provided by court procedure rules under subsection (7) —
(a) the charge may be enforced, if there has been a default in payment of an instalment, for the whole of the sum of money secured by the charge and the costs then remaining unpaid, or for such part as the Court may order; but
(b) the charge may not be enforced unless, at the time of enforcement, the whole or part of an instalment which has become due under the instalments order remains unpaid.
(9) The Court of First Instance may at any time, on the application of the debtor or of any person interested in any property to which the order relates, make an order discharging or varying the charging order.
(10) Where a charging order has been protected by an entry registered under the Real Property Regulations 2015, an order under subsection (9) discharging the charging order may direct that the entry be cancelled.
(11) The Board, on the recommendation of the Chief Justice, may by rules amend section 116(2) by adding to, or removing from, the kinds of asset for the time being referred to there, any asset of a kind which, in the Chief Justice's opinion ought to be so added or removed.