12. Notification of change of name

(1) Where a limited liability partnership changes its name it shall deliver notice of the change to the Registrar.
(2) Where the Registrar receives notice of a change of name it shall (unless the new name is one by which a limited liability partnership may not be registered):
(a) enter the new name on the register in place of the former name, and
(b) issue a certificate of the change of name.
The certificate of change of name shall be in electronic form only, unless a request is made subject to section 12(4) below.
(4) Any person may request that the Registrar provide it with a paper copy of any certificate of change of name, signed by the Registrar or authenticated by the Registrar's seal.
(5) The Board may make rules requiring the payment of certain fees to the Registrar for the provision of the paper copy as described in subsection 12(4).