(a) Subject to Paragraph 12.3(b) and (c), an offer must not be made subject to a condition or pre-condition relating to financing.
(b) Where the offer is for cash, or includes an element of cash, and the Bidder proposes to finance the cash consideration by an issue of new securities, the offer must be made subject to any condition required, as a matter of law or regulatory requirement, in order validly to issue such securities or to have them listed or admitted to trading. Conditions which will normally be considered necessary for such purposes include:
(i) the passing of any resolution necessary to create or allot the new securities and/or to allot the new securities on a non-pre-emptive basis (if relevant); and
(ii) where the new securities are to be admitted to listing or to trading on any investment exchange or market, any necessary listing or admission to trading condition (see also Paragraph 23.10).
Such conditions must not be waivable and the Panel must be consulted in advance.
(c) In exceptional cases, the Panel may be prepared to accept a pre-condition relating to financing either in addition to another pre-condition permitted by Paragraph 12.2 or otherwise, for example where, due to the likely period required to obtain any necessary material official authorisation or regulatory clearance, it is not reasonable for the Bidder to maintain committed financing throughout the offer period. In such a case:
(i) the financing pre-condition must be satisfied (or waived), or the offer must be withdrawn, within 21 days after the satisfaction (or waiver) of any other precondition or pre-conditions permitted by Paragraph 12.2; and
(ii) the Bidder and its financial adviser must confirm in writing to the Panel before announcement of the offer that they are not aware of any reason why the Bidder would be unable to satisfy the financing pre-condition within that 21 day period.
(d) If, at any time, the Bidder or its financial adviser becomes aware, or considers it likely, that the Bidder would be unable to satisfy a financing pre-condition, it must promptly notify the Panel.