125. Information As To State Of Register And List Of Members’ Names

(1) When a person inspects the register, or the company provides him with a copy of the register or any part of it, the company must inform him of the most recent date (if any) on which alterations were made to the register and there were no further alterations to be made.
(2) When a person inspects the list of members’ names, the company must inform him whether there is any alteration to the register that is not reflected in the list.
(3) If a company fails to provide the information required under subsection (1) or (2), a contravention of these Regulations is committed by–
(a) the company, and
(b) every officer of the company who is in default.
(4) A person who commits the contravention referred to in subsection (3) shall be liable to a level 1 fine.
(5) This section does not apply to restricted scope companies.