135. Directions and revocation: procedure

(1) Before giving a Direction under sections 132 or 133 or making a Revocation Order under section 134(2) or (3), the Regulator must give written notice of its intention to do so to the Recognised Body concerned.
(2) A notice under subsection (1) must —
(a) state why the Regulator intends to give the Direction or make the order; and
(b) draw attention to the right to make representations conferred by subsection (3).
(3) Before the end of the period for making representations, the Recognised Body may make representations to the Regulator.
(4) The period for making representations is such period as is specified in the notice (which may, in any particular case, be extended by the Regulator).
(5) In deciding whether to —
(a) give a Direction; or
(b) make a Revocation Order;
the Regulator must have regard to any representations made in accordance with subsection (3).
(6) When the Regulator has decided to give a Direction under sections 132 or 133 or make the proposed Revocation Order, it must give the Recognised Body written notice of its decision.
(7) If the Regulator reasonably considers it necessary to do so, it may give a Direction under section 132 or 133
(a) without following the procedure set out in this section; or
(b) if the Regulator has begun to follow that procedure, regardless of whether the period for making representations has expired.
(8) If the Regulator has, in relation to a particular matter, followed the procedure set out in subsections (1) to (5), it need not follow it again if, in relation to that matter, it decides to take action other than that specified in its notice under subsection (1).