14. Administration and winding-up: division of unsold assets

(1) The Office-holder may —
(a) in an administration, with permission of the creditors' committee, or, if there is no creditors' committee, by application to the Court; or
(b) in a winding-up, without prejudice to provisions of these Regulations about disclaimer, with permission of the Liquidation Committee, or, if there is no Liquidation Committee, by application to the Court,
divide in its existing form amongst the Company's creditors, according to its estimated value, any property which from its peculiar nature or other special circumstances cannot be readily or advantageously sold.
(2) The Office-holder must —
(a) in the receipts and payments account included in the final progress report under Chapter 10 (Ending Administration) of Part 1 (Administration) of these Regulations, state the estimated value of the property divided amongst the creditors of the Company during the period to which the report relates; and
(b) as a note to the account, provide details of the basis of the valuation.