14. Reconciliation

(1) A Licensed Firm must ensure that a reconciliation is carried out between its records of Client Money and records or statements from a bank in which that Client Money is kept.
(2) A Licensed Firm shall determine the appropriate frequency of reconciliation and perform the reconciliation promptly.
(3) A Licensed Firm must maintain accurate and up to date records in relation to Client Money which enable it to promptly identify the balance due to each Client and which are in a form that allows timely reconciliation.
(4) When a discrepancy is identified, during reconciliation, a Licensed Firm must investigate the reason for the discrepancy and take all reasonable steps to resolve it without delay.
(5) "Discrepancy" in paragraph (4) above refers to the situation where records of Client Money kept by the Licensed Firm, do not match the statement received from the bank in which the Client Money is held.