14. Reliability of Electronic Signature

(1) An Electronic Signature is reliable for the purposes of satisfying the requirement referred to in section 13(1)(a) if:
(a) the signature creation data are, within the context in which they are used, linked to the signatory and to no other person;
(b) the signature creation data were, at the time of signing, under the control of the signatory and of no other person;
(c) any alteration to the Electronic Signature, made after the time of signing, is detectable; and
(d) where a purpose of the legal requirement for a signature is to provide assurance as to the integrity of the information to which it relates, any alteration made to that information after the time of signing is detectable.
(2) Section 14(1) does not limit the ability of any person to:
(a) establish in any other way, for the purpose of satisfying the requirements referred to in section 13(1)(a), the reliability of an Electronic Signature; or
(b) adduce evidence of the non-reliability of an Electronic Signature.