142. Exercise Of Rights Where Shares Held On Behalf Of Others: Exercise In Different Ways

(1) Where a member holds shares in a company on behalf of more than one person–
(a) rights attached to the shares, and
(b) rights under any law or regulation applicable to the Abu Dhabi Global Market exercisable by virtue of holding the shares,
need not all be exercised, and if exercised, need not all be exercised in the same way.
(2) A member who exercises such rights but does not exercise all his rights, must inform the company to what extent he is exercising the rights.
(3) A member who exercises such rights in different ways must inform the company of the ways in which he is exercising them and to what extent they are exercised in each way.
(4) If a member exercises such rights without informing the company–
(a) that he is not exercising all his rights, or
(b) that he is exercising his rights in different ways,
the company is entitled to assume that he is exercising all his rights and is exercising them in the same way.