144. Access to a trading venue in relation to OTC Derivative Contracts

(1) A trading venue shall provide trade feeds on a non-discriminatory and transparent basis to any Recognised Clearing House that has been authorised to clear OTC Derivative Contracts traded on that trading venue upon request by the Recognised Clearing House.
(2) Where a request to access a trading venue has been formally submitted to a trading venue by a Recognised Clearing House, the trading venue shall respond to the Recognised Clearing House within three months.
(3) Where access is refused by a trading venue, it shall notify the Recognised Clearing House accordingly, providing full reasons.
(4) Without prejudice to the decision by competent authorities of the trading venue and of the Recognised Clearing House, access shall be made possible by the trading venue within three months of a positive response to a request for access.
(5) Access of the Recognised Clearing House to the trading venue shall be granted only where such access would not require interoperability or threaten the smooth and orderly functioning of markets in particular due to liquidity fragmentation and the trading venue has put in place adequate mechanisms to prevent such fragmentation.
Amended on (21 February 2018).