161. Consequences of accepting a Part 18 offer

(1) The general rule is that, subject to paragraph (3), where a Part 18 offer is accepted within the relevant period, the claimant will be entitled to the costs of the proceedings up to the date on which notice of acceptance was served on the offeror.
(2) The claimant's costs of the proceedings include the claimant's recoverable pre-action costs and any costs incurred in dealing with the defendant's counterclaim if the Part 18 offer states that it takes it into account.
(3) Where a defendant's Part 18 offer relates to part only of the claim and at the time of serving notice of acceptance within the relevant period the claimant abandons the balance of the claim, the claimant will only be entitled to the costs of such parts of the claim unless the Court orders otherwise.
(4) Except where the recoverable costs are fixed by these Rules, costs under paragraphs (1) and (3) of this Rule are to be assessed on the standard basis if the amount of costs is not agreed.