164. Notice requiring Statement of Affairs

(1) An administrative receiver may require a Statement of Affairs to be made out and submitted to him. Where an administrative receiver determines that it is required, he shall send notice to each relevant person whom he determines appropriate requiring him or them to prepare and submit a statement of the Company's affairs.
(2) The notice shall inform each of the relevant persons of —
(a) the names and addresses of all others (if any) to whom the same notice has been sent;
(b) the time within which the statement must be delivered;
(c) the effect of Section 165(5) (Statement of Company's affairs); and
(d) the application to him, and each other relevant person, of Section 255 (Duty to co-operate with Office-holder).
(3) The administrative receiver shall furnish each relevant person to whom he has sent notice in the prescribed form with the forms required for the preparation of the Statement of Affairs.
(4) For the purposes of subsection (1) above "relevant person" means —
(a) a person who is or has been an officer of the Company;
(b) a person who took part in the formation of the Company during the period of one year ending with the date on which the Company enters administrative receivership;
(c) a person employed by the Company during that period; and
(d) a person who is or has been during that period an officer or employee of a Company which is or has been during that year an officer of the Company.
(5) For the purposes of subsection (4) a reference to employment is a reference to employment through a contract of employment or a contract for services.