17. Client Money Distribution

Following the occurrence of a Firm-Related Distribution Event in relation to a Licensed Firm, that Licensed Firm must distribute money from the Client Account in the following order of priorities (subject to the deduction of any fees payable to the insolvency practitioner or other similar official that has responsibility for distributing such Client Money)–
(a) first, all Client Money shall be pooled and distributed among the Licensed Firm's Clients on a proportionate basis in accordance with the value of their respective valid claims against the Licensed Firm in respect of money owed to them by the Licensed Firm that is Client Money,
(b) secondly, upon satisfaction of all claims in (a) above–
(i) if a liquidator, receiver, administrator, or trustee in bankruptcy has been appointed over the Licensed Firm, the surplus (if any) shall be distributed in accordance with the Insolvency Regulations 2015, or
(ii) in all other cases, the Licensed Firm shall give prior written notice to the Registrar of the manner in which it proposes to distribute any surplus and the Licensed Firm may distribute the surplus in such manner unless the Registrar objects in writing within thirty (30) days of such notice.