17. Dismissal, referral and recommendations by nominated judge

(1) The nominated judge may —
(a) in the case of a referral of a complaint by the Chief Justice, advise the Chief Justice that a complaint should be dismissed;
(b) dismiss a complaint;
(c) deal with a complaint informally and direct that it may be considered as a pastoral or training matter;
(d) recommend that disciplinary action should be taken; or
(e) refer a complaint to an investigating judge in accordance with paragraph (4).
(2) A nominated judge may only dismiss a complaint under paragraph (1)(b) or make a direction under paragraph (1)(c) where they consider that there has been no misconduct.
(3) Where the nominated judge dismisses a complaint under paragraph (1)(b) or makes a direction under paragraph (1)(c), they must inform the —
(a) complainant of the dismissal and the reasons for it and, if applicable, that a direction has been given that the complaint is to be considered as a pastoral or training matter; and
(b) judicial office holder concerned.
(4) The nominated judge may refer a complaint, or part of a complaint, to an investigating judge to investigate in accordance with Part 5 where they consider that a complaint is sufficiently serious or complex or that a detailed investigation is required to establish the facts of a complaint.
(5) Where a complaint is referred to an investigating judge, the nominated judge must inform the judicial office holder concerned and the complainant accordingly.