172. Requirements for registration of recognised courts' judgments

(1) Subject to subsection (2), a judgment of a recognised court shall be registered by the Courts if it satisfies the following conditions —
(a) it is either final and conclusive as between the judgment debtor and the judgment creditor or requires the former to make an interim payment to the latter; and
(b) in the case of a judgment of a recognised foreign court, it is given after the coming into force of the order which made that court a recognised foreign court.
(2) A judgment of a recognised court satisfying the requirements under subsection (1) shall not be registered if it is —
(a) given by that court on appeal from a court which is not a recognised court;
(b) a judgment or other instrument which is regarded for the purposes of its enforcement as a judgment (or interim judgment) of that court but which was given or made in another country;
(c) given by that court in proceedings founded on a judgment of a court in another country and having as their object the enforcement of that judgment.
(3) A judgment shall be deemed to be final and conclusive notwithstanding that an appeal may be pending against it, or that it may still be subject to appeal, in the courts of the country of the original court.
(4) The requirements and procedures for the registration and enforcement of a judgment of a recognised court shall be the same for each recognised court unless provided otherwise in an applicable treaty, or an agreement or memorandum of understanding entered into between the Courts and a recognised court, or in court procedure rules.
Amended on April 19, 2017