179. Power of the Regulator to make Rules under this Part

(1) The Regulator may by Rules, in accordance with the procedure in Part 2, make further provision as to —
(a) the duties of persons to give assistance to a Recognised Body for the purposes of its Default Proceedings, and the duties of the Recognised Body with respect to information supplied to it;
(b) the Charges granted in favour of any such person as is mentioned in sections 167(1)(a), (b) or (d) which are to be treated as "Collateral Security Arrangements" for the purposes of this Part, where the Regulator may —
(i) add, amend or repeal the provisions of sections 167(1) or (2); and
(ii) provide that a Charge shall or shall not be treated as a Collateral Security Arrangement if or to the extent that it secures obligations of a specified description, is a Charge over property of a specified description or contains provisions of a specified description;
(c) the application of this Part to contracts of any specified description in relation to which settlement arrangements are provided by the Regulator, as it applies to contracts connected with a Recognised Body;
(d) the effect of the Insolvency Regulations 2015 on specific Charges, in accordance with section 169;
(e) the application of these Regulations to a Non-Abu Dhabi Global Market Recognised Body approved in accordance with section 165, together with exceptions, additions and adaptations as deemed necessary;
(f) the priority of a Collateral Security Arrangement which is a floating Charge, in accordance with section 171;
(g) the application of this Part to contracts connected with a Non-Abu Dhabi Global Market Clearing House or Non-Abu Dhabi Global Market Investment Exchange which —
(i) is not a Non- Abu Dhabi Global Market Recognised Body; but
(ii) is approved by the Regulator in accordance with such requirements as may be so specified;
(h) modifications to the Insolvency Regulations 2015 relating to Collateral Security Arrangements and action taken in enforcing them, where such Rules may make different provision for cases defined by reference to the nature of the Charge, the nature of the property subject to it, the circumstances, nature or extent of the obligations secured by it or any other relevant factor; and
(i) such further provision as appears to the Regulator to be necessary or expedient for the purposes of this Part.
(2) Rules made in accordance with this Part may add to, amend or repeal any of the provisions of this Part or provide that those provisions have effect subject to such additions, exceptions or adaptations as are specified in the Rules.