18. Powers of Court

(1) On hearing an administration application the Court may —
(a) make the administration order sought;
(b) dismiss the administration application;
(c) adjourn the hearing conditionally or unconditionally;
(d) make an interim order;
(e) treat the administration application as a winding-up petition and make any order which the Court could make under Section 206 (Powers of Court on hearing of petition); and/or
(f) make any other order which the Court thinks appropriate.
(2) An appointment of an administrator of a Company by administration order takes effect —
(a) at a time appointed by the order; or
(b) where no time is appointed by the order, when the order is made.
(3) An interim order under subsection (1)(d) may, in particular —
(a) restrict the exercise of a power of the Directors or the Company; and/or
(b) make provision conferring a discretion on the Court or on a person licensed to act as an insolvency practitioner in relation to the Company.
(4) This Section is subject to Section 41 (Effect of administrative receivership).