196. Tenure of office of Judges of the ADGM Courts

(1) This section applies to the office of any Judge of the ADGM Courts.
(2) A person appointed to an office to which this section applies shall hold that office during good behaviour, subject to a power of removal by the Board on the recommendation of the Chief Justice.
(3) It is for the Chief Justice alone to recommend to the Board the exercise of the power of removal under subsection (2).
(4) A Judge of the ADGM Courts shall vacate that office on becoming Chief Justice.
(5) A person who holds an office to which this section applies may at any time resign it by giving the Board and the Chief Justice notice in writing to that effect.
(6) The Board, if satisfied by means of a medical certificate that a person holding an office to which this section applies is disabled by permanent infirmity from the performance of the duties of his office, may, subject to subsection (7), declare that person's office to have been vacated; and the Board's declaration shall have like effect for all purposes as if that person had on the date of the declaration resigned his office.
(7) A declaration under subsection (6) with respect to a person shall be of no effect unless it is made —
(a) in the case of either of the Chief Justice or the Registrar, with the concurrence of the other of them;
(b) in the case of a Judge of the ADGM Courts, with the concurrence of the Chief Justice.
(8) Where subsection (7) applies but there is a vacancy in one or more (but not all) of the offices mentioned in that subsection, only the concurrence of the holders of such of the appropriate offices as are not vacant is required for the purposes of a declaration under subsection (6) to have effect under subsection (7).