2. Attendance at meetings and proxies

(1) The following provisions also apply for the interpretation of these Regulations.
(2) A person attends a meeting if he —
(a) is physically present, or attends remotely in accordance with paragraph 18 (Remote attendance at meetings) of Part 6 (Constitution of Meetings) of Schedule 6 (Meetings and Correspondence) or paragraph 19 (Remote attendance at meetings of creditors' committees) of Part 4 (Meetings of Committee) of Schedule 7 (Creditors' Committees); or
(b) attends by proxy or by corporate representative.
(3) A "proxy" is a document which complies with the following requirements —
(a) it is a document which is given by a creditor, member or contributory to another person ("the proxy-holder") authorising the proxy-holder to attend, and to speak and vote at, a meeting as the representative of the creditor, member or contributory; and
(b) either that document —
(i) directs the proxy-holder to vote or abstain, or to propose resolutions, as directed; or
(ii) authorises the proxy-holder to do so in accordance with the proxy-holder's discretion.
(4) A "blank proxy" is a document which complies with paragraph 37 (Blank proxies) of Part 11 (Proxies and corporate representation) of Schedule 6 (Meetings and Correspondence).