2. Incorporation document etc.

(1) For a limited liability partnership to be incorporated:
(a) two or more persons associated for carrying on a lawful business with a view to profit must have subscribed their names to an incorporation document,
(b) the incorporation document or a copy of it must have been delivered to the Registrar, and
(c) there must have been so delivered a statement made by anyone who subscribed his name to the incorporation document, that the requirement imposed by paragraph (a) has been complied with.
(2) The incorporation document must:
(a) state the name of the limited liability partnership,
(b) state the address of the registered office of the limited liability partnership in the Abu Dhabi Global Market,
(c) give the full name and residential address of each of the persons who are to be members of the limited liability partnership on incorporation, and
(d) either specify which of those persons are to be designated members or state that every person who from time to time is a member of the limited liability partnership is a designated member.
(3) If a person makes a false statement under subsection (1)(c) which he:
(a) knows to be false, or
(b) does not believe to be true,
he commits a contravention of these Regulations.
(4) A person who commits a contravention of these Regulations under subsection (3) is liable to a [level 1 fine].