200. Rule-making powers of the Regulator concerning disclosure of information

(1) The Regulator may make Rules permitting the disclosure of any information, or of information —
(a) by Specified persons for the purpose of assisting or enabling them to discharge Specified functions under these Regulations or any Rules made under these Regulations;
(b) by Specified persons, or persons of a Specified description, to the Regulator for the purpose of assisting or enabling the Regulator to discharge Specified functions.
(2) Rules under this section may not make any provision in relation to the disclosure of Confidential Information by primary recipients or by any person obtaining Confidential Information directly or indirectly from a primary recipient.
(3) If a person discloses any information as permitted by Rules made under this section the disclosure is not to be taken as a contravention of any duty to which he is subject.
Amended on July 4, 2018