201. Delegation of certain administrative functions of the Registrar

(1) Where the Registrar is unable to exercise any of his relevant functions, the Chief Justice may appoint a Judge of the ADGM Courts to exercise, on behalf of the Registrar, such of those functions as the Chief Justice considers appropriate.
(2) Any appointment under this section shall be in writing and shall specify —
(a) the functions which may be exercised by the appointed Judge; and
(b) the period for which the appointment is to have effect.
(3) In this section "relevant functions" means any functions of the Registrar under subsection (4).
(4) The Registrar shall be responsible for, and have custody of, the records of the Courts and shall have the power to determine where such records (or any of them) are for the time being to be deposited.
(5) The Chief Justice may nominate a judicial office holder to exercise his functions under subsection (1).