201. The statutory demand

(1) A written demand served by a creditor on a Company under Section 200(1)(a) (Definition of inability to pay debts) of these Regulations is known in winding-up proceedings as a "statutory demand".
(2) The statutory demand must be dated, and be signed either by the creditor himself or by a person stating himself to be authorised to make the demand on the creditor's behalf.
(3) The statutory demand must include the following —
(a) the amount of the debt and the way in which it arises;
(b) an explanation of the purpose of the demand, and the fact that, if the demand is not complied with, proceedings may be instituted for the winding-up of the Company;
(c) information as to how the debt may be paid and the time within which it must be complied with;
(d) a statement that the Company has the right to make an application to the Court for an injunction restraining the creditor from presenting or advertising a petition for the winding-up of the Company; and
(e) information as to the identity of a person whom the Company can contact to secure or compound the debt to the creditor's satisfaction, including an address and telephone number.