21. General provisions with respect to power given to any authority to make subordinate legislation

When any enactment confers powers on any authority to make subordinate legislation, the following provisions shall, unless the contrary intention appears, have effect with reference to the making and operation of the subordinate legislation —

(a) subordinate legislation may at any time be amended, varied, rescinded or revoked by the same authority and in the same manner by and in which it was made subject to the following provisions —
(i) where any enactment is to come into operation on a date to be fixed by subordinate legislation, the power to make the subordinate legislation shall not include the power of amending, revoking or suspending the same; and
(ii) where the authority has been replaced wholly or partially by another authority, the power conferred herein upon the original authority may be exercised by the replacing authority concerning all matters or things within its jurisdiction as if it were the original authority;
(b) when any enactment confers powers on any authority to make subordinate legislation for any general purpose, and also for any special purpose incidental thereto, the enumeration of the special purposes shall not be deemed to derogate from the generality of the powers conferred with reference to the general purpose; and
(c) no subordinate legislation made under an enactment shall be inconsistent with the provisions of any enactment.