21. Use of information about financial resources

(1) This section applies when the Court of First Instance or the Court of Appeal is determining by whom and to what extent costs of or incidental to judicial review proceedings are to be paid.
(2) The information to which the Court must have regard includes —
(a) information about the financing of the proceedings provided in accordance with section 20(6)(b); and
(b) any supplement to that information provided in accordance with court procedure rules.
(3) The Court must consider whether to order costs to be paid by a person, other than a party to the proceedings, who is identified in that information as someone who is providing financial support for the purposes of the proceedings or likely or able to do so.
(4) In this section and sections 22 to 24 "judicial review proceedings" means —
(a) proceedings on an application for leave to apply for judicial review;
(b) proceedings on an application for judicial review;
(c) any proceedings on an application for leave to appeal from a decision in proceedings described in paragraph (a) or (b); and
(d) proceedings on an appeal from such a decision,
and the proceedings described in paragraphs (a) to (d) are "stages" of judicial review proceedings.