211. Powers of the Court of Appeal

(1) In relation to an appeal, the Court of Appeal has all the powers of the Court of First Instance and may —
(a) affirm, set aside or vary any order, judgment or decision made or given by that court;
(b) refer any claim or issue for determination by that court;
(c) order a new trial or hearing;
(d) make orders for the payment of interest; or
(e) make a costs order.
(2) The Court of Appeal may exercise its powers in relation to the whole or part of a judgment, order or decision that is the subject of the appeal.
(3) An order of the Court of Appeal may be enforced in the same manner as an order of the Court of First Instance.
(4) Subject to section 12(3) of the Regulations, or unless it orders otherwise, the Court of Appeal will not receive oral evidence or evidence which was not before the lower court.
(5) At the hearing of an appeal, a party may not rely on a matter not contained in his application unless the Court of Appeal gives permission.