214. Disciplinary powers

(1) Any power of the Board to remove a judicial office holder from a judicial office under this Part is exercisable only after the Board has complied with prescribed procedures (as well as any other requirements to which the power is subject).
(2) The Chief Justice may exercise any of the following powers but only with the agreement of the Board and only after complying with prescribed procedures.
(3) The Chief Justice may give a judicial office holder formal or pastoral advice, or a formal warning or reprimand, for disciplinary purposes (but this section does not restrict what he may do informally or for other purposes or where any advice or warning is not addressed to a particular judicial office holder).
(4) The Chief Justice may suspend a person from a judicial office for any period if—
(a) the person has been convicted of a criminal offence;
(b) it has been determined under prescribed procedures that the person should not be removed from judicial office; and
(c) it appears to the Chief Justice with the agreement of the Board that the suspension is necessary for maintaining confidence in the Abu Dhabi Global Market judiciary.
(5) While a person is suspended under this section from any office he may not perform any of the functions of the office (but his other rights as holder of the office are not affected).