219. Liquidator may summon meetings

(1) The liquidator may summon meetings of creditors or contributories for the purposes of reporting on matters in the winding-up or ascertaining their wishes in accordance with the provisions of Schedule 6 (Meetings and Correspondence) and any such meetings shall be conducted in accordance with such provisions.
(2) Anything which is required or permitted by or under this Part to be done at a meeting of creditors may be done by correspondence between the liquidator and the creditors —
(a) in accordance with these Regulations (including Schedule 6 (Meetings and Correspondence)); and
(b) subject to any prescribed condition.
(3) A reference in this Part to anything done at a meeting of creditors includes a reference to anything done in the course of correspondence in reliance on subsection (2).
(4) A requirement to hold a meeting of creditors is satisfied by conducting correspondence in accordance with subsection (2).