22. Additional provisions as to subordinate legislation

The following provisions shall also apply to subordinate legislation —

(a) authority to make subordinate legislation shall include —
(i) authority to amend any forms prescribed by the enactment under which the subordinate legislation was made;
(ii) authority to prescribe new forms for the purpose thereof and for the purpose of the subordinate legislation; and
(iii) authority to provide for the manner and method in which any document, record, application, permit, approval or licence may be submitted, issued or served by electronic means, or for the authentication thereof;
(b) authority to provide for fees and charges shall include authority to provide for the determination of the manner and method of payment and the reduction, waiver or refund thereof, either generally or in any particular event or case or class of cases or in the discretion of any person; and
(c) a reference in an enactment to another enactment shall include reference to any subordinate legislation made thereunder.