22. Address for service to be given after proceedings are started

(1) A party to proceedings must give an address at which that party may be served with documents relating to those proceedings. The address must include a current email address and mobile telephone number unless the Court orders otherwise.
(2) Except where any other rule or relevant practice direction makes different provision, a party’s address for service must be –
(a) an address of a lawyer acting for the party to be served;
(b) an address of a lawyer nominated to accept service of documents; or
(c) where there is no lawyer acting for the party or no lawyer nominated to accept service of documents, an address of the party.
(3) Subject to Rules 15(1) and 15(3)(f), service of all documents, except a claim form, will be effected on all parties who have appeared in the case by the Court’s acceptance of the document and its appearance on the Court file via the ADGM eCourts Platform. Once the document appears on the Court file, all other parties to the proceedings will be notified by email or text message at the address provided for those parties under Rule 22(2). No other means of service is required of the parties, except as may be ordered otherwise by the Court.
Amended on June 1, 2017
Amended on November 2, 2020