2.2. Interim Solution: Categorisation

In light of the points mentioned above, for the purpose of staging updates, banks and finance companies are encouraged to apply judgment and consider clients as explained below - for wholesale and retail clients respectively.

The Regulators expect that such analysis should start as soon as sufficient, reasonable and supportable information is available. This process is expected to be gradual and iterative as the degree of uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 crisis reduces through time. Until decided otherwise by bank and finance company management, all clients benefitting from payment deferrals will remain in their current stage, unless movement to a lower stage is motivated by events such as bankruptcy, fraud or skip of owners and senior managers. For consistency and practical purposes, the period of applicability of this interim solution is expected to be in line with that of the TESS scheme because, at this point in time, the TESS duration is a relevant benchmark for the crisis duration.