220. Duties of lawyers

(1) This section applies to a lawyer who —
(a) exercises a right of audience before the Courts; or
(b) has conduct of litigation in relation to proceedings in the Courts.
(2) A lawyer to whom this section applies has a duty to the Court to act with independence in the interests of justice and to comply with any rules of conduct of the Courts.
(3) The duty under subsection (2), and any duty to comply with relevant conduct rules, override any obligations which the lawyer may have (otherwise than under the criminal law) if they are inconsistent with them.
(4) In this section —
(a) "approved regulator" has the meaning given in section 219(3)(a);
(b) "lawyer" has the meaning given in section 219(3)(b);
(c) "relevant approved regulator" is the approved regulator of the jurisdiction by which the lawyer is authorised to practice law;
(d) "relevant conduct rules" are the conduct rules of the relevant approved regulator which relate to the lawyer's professional conduct, or to the exercise of a right of audience or the conduct of litigation.