We will have regard to whether the applicant has sufficient resources, including the appropriate systems and controls, such as:

(a) the applicant's financial resources and whether it complies, or will comply, with any applicable financial rules, and whether the applicant appears to be in a position to be able to comply with such rules;
(b) the extent to which the applicant is or may be able to secure additional capital in a form acceptable to us where this appears likely to be necessary at any stage in the future;
(c) the availability of sufficient competent human resources to conduct and manage the applicant's affairs, in addition to the availability of sufficient Approved Persons to conduct and manage the applicant's activities;
(d) whether the applicant has sufficient and appropriate systems and procedures in order to support, monitor and manage its affairs, resources and regulatory obligations in a sound and prudent manner;
(e) whether the applicant has appropriate anti-money laundering procedures and systems designed to ensure full compliance with applicable money laundering and counter terrorism legislation, and relevant UN Security Council and applicable sanctions and resolutions, including arrangements to ensure that all relevant staff are aware of their obligations;
(f) the impact of other members of the applicant's group on the adequacy of the applicant's resources and, in particular, though not exclusively, the extent to which the applicant is or may be subject to consolidated prudential supervision by us or another non-ADGM financial services regulator;
(g) whether the applicant is able to provide sufficient evidence about the source of funds available to it, to our satisfaction. This is particularly relevant in the case of a start-up entity; and
(h) the matters specified in paragraph 2.2.88(c).