In relation to the ownership and Group structure of an applicant, we may have regard to:

(a) the applicant's position within its group, including any other relationships that may exist between the applicant, controllers, associates and other persons that may be considered a close link;
(b) the financial strength of the Group and its implications for the applicant;
(c) whether the Group has a structure which makes it possible to:
(i) exercise effective supervision;
(ii) exchange information among regulators who supervise group members; and
(iii) determine the allocation of responsibility among the relevant regulators;
(d) any information provided by other regulators or third parties in relation to the applicant or any entity within its Group; and
(e) whether the applicant or its group is subject to any adverse effect or considerations arising from a country or countries of incorporation, establishment and operations of any member of its group. In considering these matters, we may also have regard to the type and level of regulatory oversight in the relevant country or countries of the group members and the regulatory infrastructure and adherence to internationally held conventions.