In relation to the controllers of an applicant, we may, taking into account the nature, scale and complexity of the firm's business and organisation, have regard to:

(a) the background, history and principal activities of the applicant's controllers, including that of the controller's directors, partners or other officers associated with the applicant, and the degree of influence that they are, or may be, able to exert over the applicant and/or its activities;
(b) where the Controller will exert significant management influence over the applicant, the reputation and experience of the controller or any individual within the controller;
(c) the financial strength of a controller and its implications for the applicant's ability to ensure the sound and prudent management of its affairs, in particular where a controller agrees to contribute any funds or other financial support such as a guarantee or a debt subordination agreement in favour of the Firm or Recognised Body; and
(d) whether the applicant is subject to any adverse effect or considerations arising from the country or countries of incorporation, establishment or operations of a controller. In considering such matters, we may have regard to, among other things, the type and level of regulatory oversight, which the controller is subject to in the relevant country or countries and the regulatory infrastructure and adherence to internationally held conventions and standards.