232. Enforcement

(1) An application under section 56 of the Arbitration Regulations to enforce an award in the same manner as a judgment or order, other than by a claim on the award, may be made without notice in an arbitration claim form.
(2) The Court may specify parties to the arbitration on whom the arbitration claim form must be served.
(3) The parties on whom the arbitration claim form is served must acknowledge service and the enforcement proceedings will continue as if they were an arbitration claim.
(4) The arbitration claim form may be served out of the jurisdiction or the Emirate without the Court's permission irrespective of where the award is, or is treated as, made.
(5) Where the applicant applies to enforce an award on agreed terms within the meaning of section 48 of the Arbitration Regulations, the arbitration claim form must state that the award is an agreed award and any order made by the Court must also contain such a statement.
Amended on December 11, 2017