233. Statement of Company's affairs by Directors

(1) Where a Director is required to produce a Statement of Affairs under Section 186(2) (Meetings of members and creditors) he shall do so using the prescribed form.
(2) The Directors shall cause that statement to be laid before the creditors' meeting and appoint one of their number to preside over the meeting.
(3) The statement of affairs must —
(a) be verified by a statement of truth by some or all of the Directors in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules;
(b) be in the prescribed form;
(c) give particulars of the Company's property, debts and liabilities;
(d) give the names and addresses of the Company's creditors;
(e) specify the security held by each creditor;
(f) give the date on which each security was granted; and
(g) contain such other information as may be prescribed.
(4) If a Director fails without reasonable excuse to comply with this Section, he commits a contravention and is liable to a fine at the relevant level set out in the Fines Schedule.