26. Service of Documents from Foreign Courts or Tribunals

(1) This Rule applies to the service in ADGM of any document in connection with civil or commercial proceedings in a foreign court or tribunal.
(2) In this Rule —
(a) "foreign court or tribunal" means a court or tribunal outside ADGM;
(b) "GCC Convention" means the 1996 Gulf Cooperation Council Convention for the Execution of Judgments, Delegations and Judicial Notifications; and
(c) "Riyadh Convention" means the 1983 Riyadh Arab Agreement for Judicial Cooperation.
(3) The Registrar will serve a document to which this Rule applies upon receipt of a written request for service —
(a) where the foreign court or tribunal is in a GCC Convention country, from the competent judicial authority or employee of that country;
(b) where the foreign court or tribunal is in a Riyadh Convention country, from the judicial body or officer concerned of that country;
(c) where the foreign court or tribunal is in any other country, from a consular or other authority of that country; or
(d) from the Chairman of the Board, with a recommendation that service should be effected.
(4) Unless the foreign court or tribunal certifies that the person to be served understands the language of the document to be served, the Registrar must be provided before service with two copies of a translation of it into English.
(5) Where service of a document has been effected by a process server, the process server must send to the Registrar a copy of the document, together with proof of service or a statement why the document could not be served and, if the Registrar directs, specify the costs incurred in serving or attempting to serve the document.
(6) The Registrar will send to the person who requested service a copy of the document together with a certificate, sealed with the seal of the ADGM Courts for use out of the jurisdiction, stating when and how the document was served or the reason why it has not been served and, where appropriate, an amount certified to be the costs of serving or attempting to serve the document.