3. Provable debts

(1) All claims by creditors in Insolvency Proceedings, except as provided in this paragraph, are provable as debts against the Company, whether they are present or future, certain or contingent, ascertained or sounding only in damages.
(2) In relation to administration and winding-up, claim(s) which by virtue of these Regulations or any other enactment of the Abu Dhabi Global Market are claim(s) the payment of which in an administration or a winding-up would be postponed shall not be provable except at a time when all other claims of creditors in the Insolvency Proceedings (other than the kind mentioned in this paragraph) have been paid in full with interest under paragraph 28 (Interest) of Part 3 (Creditors' claims) of this Schedule.
(3) Nothing in this paragraph 3 prejudices any enactment or rule of law under which a particular kind of debt is not provable, whether on grounds of public policy or otherwise.