30. Certificate of continuance

(1) The liquidator must ascertain whether the members of the creditors' committee agree to continue to act.
(2) If the minimum number of three members required by paragraph 3 (Number of members of a creditors' committee) of Part 3 (Membership and formalities) of this Schedule to form a creditors' committee have signified their agreement to act, the liquidator must issue a certificate of the committee's continuance.
(3) The certificate of continuance must —
(a) identify and provide contact details for the Office-holder;
(b) identify each Company that is a member of the creditors' committee;
(c) where a member of the creditors' committee is not a Company, state the full name and postal address of that member;
(d) where a member represents a creditor, state the name and postal address of the creditor that member is representing;
(e) contain a statement of the continuance of the creditors' committee established under Section 72 (Creditors' Committee); and
(f) be authenticated and dated by the Office-holder.
(4) No person may act or continue to act as a member of the creditors' committee unless that person has agreed to do so.
(5) The liquidator must deliver the certificate of continuance to the Registrar.