315. The claim form

(1) Proceedings are started on the date entered on the claim form when the Court issues the claim form at the claimant’s request.
(2) The claim form must –
(a) state what final orders the claimant seeks;
(b) include the particulars of the claimant’s case;
(c) include the details of, and attach, all documents which record the terms of employment between the claimant and the defendant as set out in the relevant practice direction;
(d) include the name and address for service of the defendant, together with any other available information. Where the defendant is a company, partnership or other entity the claimant shall state the defendant’s registered office or any place of business of the defendant which has a real connection with the claim;
(e) where the claim form is to be served outside the jurisdiction, include the grounds on which the claimant is entitled to bring the claim against the defendant; and
(f) contain any other matter that may be set out in the relevant practice direction.