33. Promotions required or permitted by the rules of certain markets

(1) The Financial Promotion Restriction does not apply to any communication which —
(a) is a non-real time communication or a Solicited Real Time Communication;
(b) relates to an investment which falls within any of paragraphs 87 to 92 of Schedule 1 and which is permitted to be traded or dealt in on a relevant market; and
(c) is required or expressly permitted to be communicated by —
(i) the rules of the relevant market;
(ii) a body which regulates the market; or
(iii) a body which regulates offers or issues of investments to be traded on such a market.
(2) The exemption does not apply to the extent that the communication contains any statements not so required or expressly permitted.
(3) In sub-paragraph (1), "relevant market" means a Recognised Investment Exchange or such other market as the Regulator may specify in Rules.