34. Orders for interim payment

(1) In this section "interim payment", in relation to a party to any proceedings, means a payment on account of any damages, debt or other sum (excluding any costs) which that party may be held liable to pay to or for the benefit of another party to the proceedings if a final judgment or order of the Court in the proceedings is given or made in favour of that other party.
(2) As regards proceedings pending in the Court of First Instance, provision may be made by court procedure rules for enabling the Court, in such circumstances as may be prescribed, to make an order requiring a party to the proceedings to make an interim payment of such amount as may be specified in the order, with provision for the payment to be made to such other party to the proceedings as may be so specified or, if the order so provides, by paying it into Court.
(3) Any court procedure rules which make provision in accordance with subsection (2) may include provision for enabling a party to any proceedings who, in pursuance of such an order, has made an interim payment to recover the whole or part of the amount of the payment in such circumstances, and from such other party to the proceedings, as may be determined in accordance with the court procedure rules.
(4) Any court procedure rules made by virtue of this section may include such incidental, supplementary and consequential provisions as the Chief Justice may consider necessary or expedient.
(5) Nothing in this section shall be construed as affecting the exercise of any power relating to costs, including any power to make court procedure rules relating to costs.