42. Admissions

(1) A party may at any time, by giving notice in writing, admit the truth of the whole or any part of another party's case.
(2) The Court's permission is required if a party by notice in writing wishes to amend or withdraw an admission.
(3) Where a party makes an admission under paragraph (1), any other party may apply for judgment on the admission and the judgment shall be such as it appears to the Court that the applicant is entitled to on the admission.
(4) Where the only remedy which the claimant is seeking is the payment of money, the defendant may also admit, by giving notice in writing, liability to pay the whole or part of a claim for a specified amount of money or, where the amount is not specified, the whole amount or part only of that claim.
(5) Where the defendant makes an admission as mentioned in paragraph (4), the claimant has the right to enter judgment for the amount of money for which liability has been admitted.
(6) For the purpose of this Rule, a notice in writing must be provided to the Court and to every other party.
Amended on February 25, 2019