43. Execution of instrument by person nominated by Court of First Instance

(1) Where the Court of First Instance has given or made a judgment or order directing a person to execute any conveyance, contract or other document, or to endorse any negotiable instrument, then, if that person —
(a) neglects or refuses to comply with the judgment or order; or
(b) cannot after reasonable inquiry be found,
the Court of First Instance may, on such terms and conditions, if any, as may be just, order that the conveyance, contract or other document shall be executed or that the negotiable instrument shall be endorsed, by such person as the Court may nominate for that purpose.
(2) A conveyance, contract, document or instrument executed or endorsed in pursuance of an order under this section shall operate, and be for all purposes available, as if it had been executed or endorsed by the person originally directed to execute or endorse it.