In determining whether to exercise its power under section 46 of FSMR, we will have regard to all relevant matters including, but not limited to:

(a) the criteria for assessing the fitness and propriety of an Approved Person as set out in GEN Chapter 5 (GEN 5.2.9) and paragraph 2.3 of this document;
(b) the commission of any offences involving dishonesty, fraud or a Financial Crime by the Approved Person;
(c) whether other enforcement action should be taken, or has already been taken, against the Approved Person by us or by other enforcement agencies;
(d) the particular Controlled Function the Approved Person is or was performing;
(e) the nature and activities of the firm concerned;
(f) the markets in which the firm operates; and
(g) the severity of the risk which the individual poses to consumers and to confidence in the ADGM financial system.