5. No criminal jurisdiction

(1) The Courts shall not have any jurisdiction to hear, examine, try or determine any issue, cause or matter relating to any criminal offence, or any alleged criminal offence. In particular, the Courts shall not have any jurisdiction to review the arrest or detention of any person or property (including real property), or any other dealing with such property, executed pursuant to any Federal Law applicable in the Abu Dhabi Global Market and no proceedings issued in the Courts seeking to review or challenge such arrest or detention or other dealing may be heard, examined, tried or determined by any Court.
(2) Subsection (1) applies notwithstanding that the offence, or alleged offence, or the arrest or detention or dealing occurred in the Abu Dhabi Global Market.
(3) In these Regulations, unless otherwise stated or unless the context otherwise requires, references to "proceedings" shall be construed as references to civil proceedings only.