5. Offer Document Rules

For the purposes of section 18 of the Takeover Regulations 2015 —

(a) the "offer document rules" are Paragraphs —
(i) 23.2;
(ii) 23.3(d)(ii);
(iii) 23.3(d)(iii);
(iv) 23.3(d)(iv);
(v) 23.3(d)(v);
(vi) 23.3(d)(xi);
(vii) 23.3(d)(xiii);
(viii) 23.3(d)(xiv);
(ix) 23.3(f);
(x) 23.4(a)(i) and (ii);
(xi) 23.7 (first phrase); and
(b) the "response document rules" are Paragraphs —
(i) 24.1; and
(ii) 25.2(a),

and, in each case, paragraph 26 of the Takeover Code to the extent that it requires the inclusion of material changes to, or the updating of, the information in those parts of Paragraphs 23 or 24 of the Takeover Code, as the case may be, in relation to offer documents and offeree board circulars and the revised offer documents and subsequent offeree board circulars referred to in Paragraphs 31.1 and 31.6 respectively.