55. Name not to be the same as another on the Registrar's register of company names

(1) A company must not be registered under these Regulations with a name that is the same as another name appearing in the Registrar's register of company names.
(2) The Board may make rules supplementing this section.
(3) The rules may make provision—
(a) as to matters that are to be disregarded, and
(b) as to words, expressions, signs or symbols that are, or are not, to be regarded as the same,
for the purposes of this section.
(4) The rules may provide—
(a) that registration by a name that would otherwise be prohibited under this section is permitted—
(i) in specified circumstances, or
(ii) with specified consent, and
(b) that if those circumstances obtain or that consent is given at the time a company is registered by a name, a subsequent change of circumstances or withdrawal of consent does not affect the registration.
(5) In this section "specified" means specified in the rules made under this section.