56. Addition and substitution of parties

(1) Where the claim form has been served, the Court's permission is required to remove, add or substitute a party.
(2) An application for permission under paragraph (1) may be made by an existing party or by a person who wishes to become a party.
(3) Nobody may be added or substituted as a claimant unless he has given his consent in writing and that consent has been filed with the Court.
(4) The Court may order any person to cease to be a party if it is not desirable for that person to continue to be a party to the proceedings.
(5) An order for the removal, addition or substitution of a party must be served on all parties to the proceedings and any other person affected by the order.
(6) The Court may add or substitute a party after the end of a period of limitation only if the relevant limitation period was current when the proceedings were started and the addition or substitution is necessary.